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The Instrument of Science: Scientific Anti-Realism Revitalized

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2019.08.24 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Darrell P. Rowbottom, The Instrument of Science: Scientific Anti-Realism Revitalized, Routledge, 2019, 215pp., $140.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780367077457. Reviewed by K. Brad Wray, Aarhus University Darrell Rowbottom has published extensively on the realism/antirealism debate, and his book is the culmination of that work. In it, he aims to bring back to life instrumentalism, a view that is associated with Ernst Mach and William James, among others. Instrumentalism, though, has not played a significant role in the recent realism/anti-realism debates, since the 1970s or so. Rowbottom aims to show why instrumentalism is the most appropriate position to adopt towards scientific theories. He also aims to address some criticisms of instrumentalism. As an anti-realist, I especially welcome an ally in the battle against the realists. Anti-realists stand to gain some ground by standing together, advancing novel arguments against our common foes. Indeed, I think it is a good... Read More

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