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Understanding, Explanation, and Scientific Knowledge

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2019.08.01 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Kareem Khalifa, Understanding, Explanation, and Scientific Knowledge, Cambridge University Press, 2017, 252pp., $105.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781107195636. Reviewed by Petri Ylikoski, University of Helsinki Some 20 years ago, understanding was not an important philosophical concept outside philosophy of the human sciences. The word appeared sometimes in texts related to scientific explanation, but it was not a topic of systematic attention. A lot has happened since. Epistemologists and philosophers of science have put forward theories about understanding. Kareem Khalifa's book is an attempt to take stock of the current scene. His approach is relatively conservative as he sets out to defend what he calls the received view on understanding. According to it, understanding consists of knowledge of relevant explanatory information. Basically, the book is an extended argument against various attempts to challenge the received view. Khalifa's defense is based on his Explanation-Knowledge-Science (EKS) model of understanding.... Read More

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