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Heidegger Becoming Phenomenological: Interpreting Husserl Through Dilthey, 1916-1925

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2019.07.24 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Robert C. Scharff, Heidegger Becoming Phenomenological: Interpreting Husserl Through Dilthey, 1916-1925, Rowman and Littlefield, 2019, 186pp., $39.95 (pbk) ISBN 9781786607737 Reviewed by Leslie MacAvoy, East Tennessee State University In this book Robert C. Scharff argues that Heidegger's path to phenomenology owes more to his reading of Dilthey than it does to Husserl. The book is detailed, well-researched, and argued in a refreshingly direct style. It is important reading for anyone interested in Heidegger's early work, and should motivate many to give more consideration to Dilthey's influence on Heidegger. The argument is complicated, so in what follows I will make some general observations about how the position is situated relative to other broad positions in the discourse and then articulate the main line of argument through the book while also offering a few critical observations. Like many other readers of Heidegger, Scharff emphasizes his critique of Husserl. However, unlike those... Read More

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