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IFL2 — at long last!

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Some headline news. On Wednesday, at last — ok, at ridiculously long last — I’m sending off a full version of IFL2 to CUP. This is for proof-reading and then early production, I hope. Heaven knows I’d like to seriously tinker with the book more; but that way madness lies (not to mention the end of CUP’s sorely tried patience). Another read through some recently revised passages tomorrow, and then it is off. But I have the next few weeks until the proof-reader’s corrections come back to make mini-corrections, so I will return to it after a week’s break. Meanwhile, if anyone would like to see a late version, with a view to spotting typos, thinkos, and other infelicities (very unclear sentences, English difficult for a non-native speaker, incorrectly commented proofs, etc., etc.), then I’ll happily send a copy on the strict understanding it goes no further. Drop me an email or comment here. I have been in book purdah for the last month working more intensively and more systematically than for a long time (even giving up the chance of going up to London to see the Chiaroscuro Quartet performing live yesterday, though the video I posted is quite a good compensation for that). Working so hard has really been quite fun in a masochistic way, and rather embarrassingly instructive too. But I’ll be glad of a pause. So time for a few days off. And then I need — for a start — to catch up on emails (apologies to a number of people for radio silence!). But now tonight, time to pour a glass, and to watch again Alina Ibragimova and her friends at their inspirational best. The post IFL2 — at long last! appeared first on Logic Matters.

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