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War with Iran?

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During the Obama administration, it looked like the United States and Iran were making progress towards more normal relations. The culmination of this was the historic nuclear deal. When Trump was elected president, he quickly backed out of the deal—although he presumably neither understood the deal nor cared what was in it. While it would be odd to attribute an actual planned foreign policy doctrine to Trump (other than “make money for Trump”), his administration took an aggressive stance towards Iran—and this became increasingly so as old-school hardliners and hawks, such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. Recently tensions have flared with accusations that Iran attacked ships with mines and shot down an American drone. As it now stands, the United States claims that Iran attacked the ships and shot down the drone in international waters. Iran claims they did not attack the shops and while acknowledging they shot down the drone they claim it was over their territory. Image Credit Laying aside political and nationalistic biases, both the United States and Iran have credibility issues. While Iran is not known for its honesty, Trump and the Trump administration have no credibility; lying is simply the nature of this administration. As such, the matter cannot be settled by an appeal to credibility—although, sadly, Iran seems to be less inclined to relentless lying than Trump. The United States also has a history of creating incidents and lying in order to “justify” going to war. The misrepresented Gulf of Tonkin incident was used by Johnson (a Democrat) to justify open warfare against North Vietnam and Bush (a Republican) got the United States to invade Iran with lies about weapons of mass destruction. While past deceptions do not prove that there must be a present deception, they do provide grounds for suspicion: what has been done before certainly can be done again. From a critical thinking standpoint, it is reasonable to doubt both the United States and. . .

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