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Heidegger on Technology

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2019.06.14 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Aaron James Wendland, Chistopher Merwin, and Christos Hadjioannou (eds.), Heidegger on Technology, Routledge, 2019, 345pp., $150.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781138674615. Reviewed by David R. Cerbone, West Virginia University This volume comprises seventeen original papers by sixteen contributors (Aaron James Wendland, contributed two). As is to be expected, Heidegger's seminal essay, "The Question Concerning Technology" (hereafter QCT),[1] first published in 1954, serves as a touchstone for the volume, with many contributors dutifully rehearsing often overlapping interpretations of the constellation of key concepts Heidegger deploys there and in neighboring writings: Bestand (rendered as "standing-reserve" in William Lovitt's translation, but perhaps more perspicuously translated as simply "resource" or, as Mark A. Wrathall renders it, "stock" in the sense of the goods on hand); Gestell (for which Lovitt provides "enframing," but which could be rendered as "framework," or, as Wrathall suggests, "inventory," thereby complementing his... Read More

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