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Infinity in Early Modern Philosophy

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2019.05.26 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Ohad Nachtomy and Reed Winegar (eds.), Infinity in Early Modern Philosophy, Springer, 2018, 211pp., $119.99 (hbk), 9783319945552. Reviewed by Adam Harmer, University of California, Riverside As José Benardete observes, "the concept of the infinite is found to impinge on almost the whole schedule of ontological questions" (Infinity, viii). This is especially true for the early moderns, for whom questions like the following were still very much in play: Does the world have a beginning? Are there bounds to the spatial extent of the world? How does an imperfect creation flow from an infinitely perfect creator? How does the infinite divisibility of the continuum relate to the structure of the material world? How are human actions related to the (possibly) infinite chain of causes or influences that shape our behaviors? Far from being an esoteric topic, which is best relegated to the outskirts of metaphysics or... Read More

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