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What If There’s Nothing You Should Do?

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You probably think that lying is wrong. But according to the philosophical view known as the error theory, you ascribe a non-existent property - that of being wrong - to lying. This means that lying is not wrong. If you buy into the error theory, you may then conclude that lying is permissible. But according to the error theory, you then ascribe the non-existent property of being permissible to lying. So, lying is neither wrong nor permissible. The error theory can be applied to anything else you could, or might want to do. The theory may seem completely crazy at first glance but the arguments for it are strong.Suppose that you are convinced by the arguments for the error theory. If so, what should you do? Should you stop believing that lying is wrong? Should you just tell lies whenever you feel like it?Defenders of the theory give different answers to this question. Some think that you should simply stop believing that lying is wrong. Others agree that you should stop believing this, ...

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