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Heidegger: Phenomenology, Ecology, Politics

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2019.04.24 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Michael Marder, Heidegger: Phenomenology, Ecology, Politics, University of Minnesota Press, 2018, 195pp., $25.00 (pbk), ISBN 9781517905033. Reviewed by Wayne Froman, George Mason University Michael Marder's book is particularly thought-provoking. It comprises an Introduction and three Parts, each including three chapters. The first chapter of Part I ("Phenomenology") is "'Higher Than Actuality': The Possibility of Phenomenology." The reference is to Heidegger's phenomenological observation in Being and Time that possibility stands higher than actuality. Possibility here pertains to (1) Dasein (the type of entity that we are in that we ex-ist), given that possibilities are an intrinsic feature of Dasein's "being-in-the-world;" (2) phenomenology, where the specific reference is to Heidegger's opening of phenomenology as developed by Husserl to what Heidegger calls fundamental ontology; and (3) to the Destruktion of the tradition, in that it aims at making possible another beginning... Read More

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