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The Future of Publishing @ Pacific APA

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If any of you are heading to the Pacific APA this week and are interested in meeting up, feel free to email me at or fb message me. In fact, if there's any interest, perhaps we can even do a Cocoon meetup of sorts! In any case, I hope to see some of you there, and hope some of you choose to check out the panel I'm serving on Wednesday (tomorrow) evening at 6:00pm: The PhilPapers FoundationTopic: The Future of Publishing and Peer Review in PhilosophyChair: David Bourget (University of Western Ontario)Panelists: Marcus Arvan (University of Tampa)Liam Kofi Bright (London School of Economics)Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)David Velleman (New York University) We'll be discussing a randomized survey on publishing David Bourget recently carried out on PhilPeople, as well as ways that publishing and peer-review might be improved. Hopefully it will be good and interesting discussion!

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News source: The Philosophers' Cocoon

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