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IAPS @ Pacific APA: Sport and Admiration

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The IAPS meeting at the Pacific APA will focus on Sport and Admiration.  The Pacific APA is being held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 17-20, 2019.IAPS Session: Thursday, April 18, 6 - 8 pmChair: Shawn E. Klein (Arizona State University)Speakers: Jack Bowen (Menlo School)Kyle Fruh (Stanford University)Tara Smith (University of Texas at Austin)Abstracts for the talks:Appreciation of Sport: How the Seemingly Trivial Becomes Essential Jack Bowen, Menlo SchoolSport is considered by some as trivial: athletes spending countless hours honing a skill which only has value in the institution of that particular sport (throwing a ball through a circle, in the case of basketball for example). Though, it is actually becauseof this that sport and the athletes who play it are worthy of our appreciation. Throughout human history and until recently, we have needed to hunt for our own food, fight in various wars and battles and, yet, at a time of great peace and abundance, sport now fills that niche for many of us. Sport provides a venue in which we can show appreciation on various levels: regarding physical accomplishments, moral achievement, and, from there, an appreciation of our own good fortune to even be able to appreciate—which has its own benefits. In doing this, it turns out we may actually need certain mantras in place often dismissed by those who love sport such as, “winning is everything,” and that sport is a matter of “life and death,” and other such hyperbole. In addition, we may need to continue the narrative of athletes as making sacrifices, etc, despite the fact that such assertions fall flat outside of the sports context. In a sense, we’re asking of ourselves and those who participate to maintain a sense of dissonance in order that our appreciation rings true with what we otherwise rightly celebrate and hold dear."Moral Achievement, Athletic Achievement, and Appropriate Admiration"Kyle Fruh, Stanford UniversityThere is a strong presumption that when. . .

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