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Diversity War: Conservatives & Liberals

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While many professors are liberals, some conservatives contend they are indoctrinating students into liberal ideology and that conservative students fear to speak freely within the ivory towers. Some also claim that professors are not always perpetrators of the crimes of political correctness, they are sometimes the victims. Image Credit One scenario in which professors are presented as victims is when they are required to write statements of their commitment to diversity when applying for tenure (and in some other cases). Another matter is the effort of certain schools to monitor professors for signs of bias in the classroom. This monitoring is not the sort proposed by Florida law makers which is to check professors for signs of bias against conservatives and in favor of liberal ideology. Instead, this monitoring checks professors for their sensitivity to diversity and their cultural awareness. From a neutral standpoint, this puts professors between the Scylla of conservative fears of liberal dominance and the Charybdis of liberal fears of a lack of sensitivity to diversity.  If a professor expresses and enforces sensitivity to diversity in their classes, they would appear to be indoctrinating students in liberal ideology and silencing conservatives. If they do not express and enforce sensitivity to diversity, they can run into trouble in their academic advancement and employment. Those who think professors are indoctrinating students and silencing conservatives will tend to favor laws, executive orders and policies that purport to protect conservatives from such alleged oppression. They will also tend to oppose laws, executive orders, and policies that purport to protect women and minorities from oppression in the classroom. As such, one might suspect that they do not care about freedom of expression and oppression in general—they just care about their own group. It could be objected that they do care about freedom and oppression in. . .

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