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Skype teaching demos, etc.

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In our job-market discussion thread, K.A. writes: Following up on an earlier conversation about teaching demos via Skype (and thanks to anon 3/12/2019 for their thoughts): does anyone have any advice on how to structure a 10 minute Skype teaching demo? I don't have the topic yet, but my concerns so far are mostly structural: how should I place the camera, should I aim to write on the board, how should I be interactive with the group on the other side. Anyone else have thoughts? I've heard of more of this kind of thing occurring lately - including 15-20 minute Skype research talks. I actually think this may be a better way to interview (since, unlike traditional interviews, it actually has you simulate 'the job' a little bit!). But I have no experience with it myself, and doing this sort of thing online can have special challenges (especially, I imagine, if one uses powerpoint).  Does anyone have any experience with these, and perhaps any tips to share? It might also be good to hear from search committee members who have held these types of interviews, to hear what works, what problems may have arisen for candidates, and so on!  

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