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The Limits of Free Will

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2019.03.32 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Paul Russell, The Limits of Free Will, Oxford University Press, 2017, 288pp., $74.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780190627607. Reviewed by Robyn Repko Waller, Iona College Paul Russell's book is a greatest-hits collection with two main strands: a critical account of how the moral responsibility debate has proceeded from Hobbes to post-Strawson and a positive account of what the compatibilist strategy ought to be. Both strands can be characterized in terms of the ongoing struggle between the 'optimist' and the 'pessimist' regarding moral responsibility, with strong ties throughout to Strawson's legacy of "Freedom and Resentment." The optimist here is broadly the compatibilist who does not take determinism to threaten free and moral agency. The pessimist here is anyone who worries that determinism limits our moral agency in significant respects -- typically, albeit not exclusively, the incompatibilist. What is illuminating and skillful about the collection is, first,... Read More

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