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The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge

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2019.03.29 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Dallas Willard, The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge, Steven L. Porter, Aaron Preston, and Gregg A. Ten Elshof (eds.), Routledge, 2018, 387pp., $160.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781138589254. Reviewed by Adam Pelser, United States Air Force Academy To many twenty-first-century ears the phrase "moral knowledge" sounds like an oxymoron. Knowledge is understood to belong in the realm of objective facts and empirical science, while morality is understood to belong in the realm of subjective opinions, values, and feelings -- and never the twain shall meet. The distinction between these two realms has become such an established tenet of cultural orthodoxy that it is widely assumed to be obvious without question and without argument. But this has not always been so. As the editors of Dallas Willard's book explain in their Introduction, Until the early twentieth century, the prevailing view in Western culture, including its leading intellectuals and ethical theorists, had been that... Read More

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