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Should Republicans Care About Trump’s Alleged Crimes?

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Michael Cohen’s testimony before congress made clear the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats regarding Trump. The Democrats profess to be patriotic apostles of justice, eager to hold Trump accountable for his many crimes—in the hopes of winning the 2020 presidential election. Republicans focus on defending Trump by impeding efforts to investigate him and by attacking those who claim to have evidence of his misdeeds. Image Credit The Democrats obviously have excellent political reasons to go after Trump—they will presumably be running against him in 2020. The Republicans obviously have excellent political reasons to protect Trump. While he was not the star they wanted to hitch their wagons to, he now has the reins (to mix metaphors). As such, they are not overly concerned with his alleged crimes—except in terms of protecting him. But the question remains as to whether they should care. The pragmatic and political answer is easy and obvious: they should only care about his alleged crimes to the degree that they impact their political success. As it stands, Trump’s guilt or innocence does not seem to matter politically. Those who loath him would not change their hearts even if Robert Mueller exonerated Trump. Trump claimed that he could shoot someone on the street and not lose voters and this still seems to hold. There are, perhaps, some voters who could be swayed; but the main battle will be over which party can best mobilize (or keep) their base either attacking or protecting Trump. Because of this, the alleged crimes might matter—but only in terms of political points. It can, of course, be argued that if Trump were shown to be guilty of crimes, then the Republicans should care—if they believe in the rule of law. If Trump were found to have actively colluded with the Russians, then the Republicans should care about that—given the history of professed patriotism on the part of Republicans. However, arguments (other than political. . .

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