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Should you just be yourself in a job interview?

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Lots of graduate students and other people on the job market are advised to not be themselves in a job interview. Yourself? God, no. Please.  The idea you could be yourself is a symptom of grad student naiveté, so the idea goes, quickly shed once you become more job market savvy. Job consultant Karen Kelsky calls the be yourself advice one of the most persistent academic myths, and writes ""yourself"  is the very last person you want to be." The problem is, while Kelsky is not wrong about the reasons for why "just be yourself" is terrible advice, the advice not properly contextualized is confusing. It is confusing because it leaves the candidate wondering, "If not myself, who should I be?" And it seems the answers to that, which I've encountered as a mentor fall along the following lines. Many job candidates mistakenly believe that because fit is so important (it is, as I'll go into in a bit) they need to pretend that they. . .

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