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Gillette & Being a Man

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Gillette recently ignited a fire on social media with it’s the Best Men Can Be themed advertisement. The name is, of course, best on Gillette’s classic advertising line—”the best a man can get.” As would be expected, the likes of Piers Morgan and James Wood responded harshly. In the case of Morgan, he accused Gillette of virtue signaling, fueling the “global assault on masculinity” and called for us to “Let boys be damn boys” and to “Let men be damn men.” Woods merely noted that Gillette was jumping on the “men are horrible” bandwagon and said that he was done with using Gillette products. Other men were not upset by the ad at all, noting that its message appeared to be “Don’t be a jerk. Don’t raise a jerk. Call out other men being for jerks.” And, of course, some pointed out that Gillette was just trying to sell more razors and shaving cream. While I will not attempt to see it through the eyes of those who hate it, I will address the philosophically interesting. . .

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