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The Dash -- The Other Side of Absolute Knowing

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2019.01.03 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Rebecca Comay and Frank Ruda, The Dash -- The Other Side of Absolute Knowing, MIT Press, 2018, 178pp., $23.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780262535359. Reviewed by Shannon Hoff, Memorial University of Newfoundland This is a challenging book: a heady, disorienting "dash" through a pile of historical, literary, and philosophical material. In tandem with what they construe to be a growing philosophical friendliness toward Hegel, Rebecca Comay and Frank Ruda want to redeem that absolute knowing at which Hegel's "new friends" typically draw the line. To do so, they focus on the transition between the Phenomenology and the Logic, since the Phenomenology ushers the reader into absolute knowing and the Logic sets out to enact it. They find at this transition, however, a kind of linguistic treasure: the dash, or two dashes -- one just prior to the final lines of the Phenomenology (which are misquoted text from Schiller), and the. . .

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