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Is the Shutdown an Ethical Tool?

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As this is being written, parts of the federal government have been shut down. Some federal workers have been furloughed—sent home without pay and forbidden from doing work. Others, like TSA agents, are being compelled to work without pay. As would be suspected, the shutdown is hurting those who are not getting paid—there has not been a shutdown of bills and expenses. While some federal workers are well paid, most live from paycheck to paycheck (like most Americans) and have little in the way of financial reserves. Because of this, federal workers are turning to food banks and some are seeking unemployment benefits (which can be problematic, since the unpaid are still employed). In addition to the impact on the unpaid workers, there are the indirect impacts on those who provide goods and services to these workers. After all, people who are not getting paid will not be doing much spending. In addition to the financial impacts, there are many other harms. One example is the harm. . .

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