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IFL2 — Some propositional logic!

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For whatever reasons, the writing of the later chapters for IFL2, the new edition of  Introduction to Formal Logic, has been going really slowly. But I am at last reasonably content at least with the first third or so of the book, having had some recent very useful comments. And so I would now like to  “sign off” these chapters for now and declare them … well, if not in an ideal state, at least more than good enough! So: for your delight and delectation, here (just for a while) are Chapters 1 to 16 (c. 150 pages). The Table of Contents and the review at the beginning of the final Interlude will tell you what is in these chapters. When I have previous posted excerpts like this, I have had some extremely useful comments, and even now I’d certainly be very happy to get more. Perhaps not comments that basically say that I’m writing the wrong book! But corrections of typos, indications of expressions that stump the reader for whom English is a second language, pointers to. . .

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