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How to incentivize better author submissions?

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In my past two entries in this series--as well as in other past discussions of peer-review--I have tended to focus on how editorial practices and reviewer behavior might be improved: to better ensure quicker and more reliable turnaround times, as well as better reviewer comments. However, it increasingly appears to me that this is to focus on only one part of the problem. As David Velleman noted here--and others have noted as well (see below)--another central reason why peer-review has the problems is does is the behavior of authors. Journals are overrun with far too many submissions, many of which seem--to editors and reviewers--as though they should have never been submitted in the first place. This bogs down the entire system, making reviewers not only more difficult to find but also increasing their workload (as they have more papers to review). This in turn may be one significant cause of 'poor reviewer behavior', both in terms of long turnaround times and the. . .

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