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Volunteering as a philosopher?

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In our newest "how can we help you?" thread, Asst Prof writes: I would enjoy a post on "volunteering as a philosopher." I am passionate about reducing climate change (for example), but I am not sure how to jump in and use my skills as a philosopher to advance this cause. I could of course just volunteer "as a regular person", but I am curious if any philosophers have been able to link up with charitable or activist groups and use their skills as a philosopher specifically--kind of like a doctor or lawyer doing pro bono work. If so, any stories or advice would be a helpful inspiration to me and maybe others! This is a great query. In fact, it's one that I would afford to hear some good stories or advice about myself. My own experience 'volunteering as a philosopher' is pretty limited. For the past few years, I served as Education Co-Director with a local United Nations non-profit group. In that role, I organized a bunch of human rights. . .

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