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Duet display again

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I’m pretty minimalist about techie stuff these days, and am mostly a late-adopter or never-adopter. But let me share a warm recommendation for something I have recently (re)-adopted, which actually does make work-life better. Yes, really! This will be no news at all to the more computer savvy: but this post is for the rest of us! In fact, I first posted about using an iPad as an external monitor three years ago. However, I rather fell out of love with Duet Display when various changes with the Apple OS caused issues and when I also had a long undiagnosed cable/connection issue (I thought I had trouble with my MacBook ports, but as it happened it was two dodgy cables). But the developers have sorted the Mojave issues, I have sorted my cable issues, and Duet Display and my laptop are best friends again. So, by way of a public service announcement, let me spread the very good news once more (below the line, if you want to read on). OK, the headlines are these, if you’ve. . .

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