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How to incentivize better peer-review reports?

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A while back, I ran and reported the results of an informal survey on what readers think works well and not so well in peer-review. Although the results should be taken with a grain of salt, a number of trends emerged. One was that a vast majority (93.67%) of respondents agreed that 'journal turnaround times are too long and inconsistent.' In a follow-up post, I presented a possible proposal for how to address that issue: a central editorial system (perhaps at Philpapers) for journal editors to use that would give each reviewer a reviewer score, based at least in part on how quickly the reviewer responds to review requests and gets their reviews in. Whenever an editor gets a new paper, the system would then present the editor with the best reviewer matches--the final wrinkle being that the system would be designed to match papers with reviewers whose overall reviewer score is similar to the author's reviewer score. In other words, the system would match authors who are. . .

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