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Answering the "how do you balance...?" question

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In our job-market discussion thread, anon asks: I have an interview question. What kind of answer is suitable to the question "how would you balance teaching, research, and service?". Is this a question about time-management, priorities, or something else? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Good question! I'd be curious to hear search committee members weigh in, but here are a few quick thoughts...Although I can only speculate here, my guess is that for R1 jobs, this question may be intended to ascertain two related things: whether a candidate has effective time-management skills related to research, as well as research productivity as their first priority. When I was first heading out on the job-market from grad school, I vaguely recall hearing that this question aims to suss out whether a candidate is likely to get bogged down with other things (too much time on teaching prep, meeting with students, etc.). But again, this is only what I vaguely recall. . .

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