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AI and Art I: The Setup

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As a philosopher, I tend to be concerned with meta-aesthetic matters, such as trying to define “art” or sorting out whether an AI can create “true” art. David Pogue has addressed the subject of AI and art more pragmatically by focusing on concerns about the economic impact of AI on art and artists. That is, the question of whether AI will be taking the jobs of artists. The impact of AI on art is certainly worthy of philosophical and pragmatic consideration, thus this series of brief essays of which this is the first. Human generated. As Pogue noted, AI (broadly construed)is already producing original paintings and music. It should be noted that these computer programs are relatively limited. For example, Amper is a guided system for assembling samples rather than an AI Mozart or Prince.  To use an analogy, it is like an exoskeleton for music: it does the hard work but must be guided by a human operator. It is, however,capable of producing high quality results—those worried about. . .

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