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My adventures in assessment began in 2004 when I was assigned to the General Education Assessment Committee. I have served on that committee since then and have become the co-chair. I have also always done the assessment for the Philosophy & Religion unit (it is part of a larger department formed during the consolidations of the 1970s). As would be expected, assessment for the unit is just an extra smooshed into the infinitely expandable 20% of my Assignment of Responsibility (which also includes advising, research, web mastering, facilitating, publishing, and 4-9 committees). When I first started in the assessment business, most of it seemed quite arbitrary. For example, we were told by the assessment guru that we needed five outcomes to assess. I still assess five outcomes. As another example, we were told that our goal should be that 80% of Xs do Y; for example, that 80% of students achieve a rating of competent or better in an outcome. When one asked why 80% was picked, the. . .

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