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Answering 'how would you teach intro?'

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In the comments section of our job-market discussion thread, Sissy Fuss writes: What do you do when you get the "how would you teach intro" question? I can see at least three ways of answering this: 1) give the "classic" intro syllabus, heavy on M+E and historical texts, with some value theory thrown in2) an intro syllabus substantially based around your AOS/whatever teaching needs they have advertised 3) a bold thematic or topic-based course on something that you've been thinking about but isn't necessarily represented in your AOS/AOC. I'm thinking something that might be really cool but also might seem completely off-the-wall to some, e.g. an intro course that has a weekly viewing of a horror film and organizes readings and discussions around the themes of these films. These aren't the only strategies, but these are the ones I'm considering (I'm not considering the horror film one seriously...yet.) There are benefits and drawbacks to each. . .

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