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Teaching Statements: what are search committees looking for?

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Guest post by Eric Steinhart, Professor of Philosophy at William Paterson University I work at a teaching university. It’s a mid-sized state university. Many, many jobs are at schools like mine. And if you want to join our faculty, if you’re applying for a job, I want to know about your teaching. If you can teach, you’ll do very well at a university like mine. You’ll have plenty of time for your research and your life. If you can’t teach, you won’t do well at universities like mine; in fact, if you can’t teach, you’ll fail very, very quickly. Sadly, I’ve seen this failure happen more than once.   So we care about your teaching. It’s pretty much all we care about. If you can’t demonstrate your teaching skill in your application, we’re going to move on very quickly to look at the next application. For evidence, we want to see your teaching statement, and we want to see syllabi. Unfortunately, most teaching statements don’t tell us anything about your teaching. So. . .

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