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Nazi Salute Photo and Free Expression

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When I was in elementary school my classmate, Danny, drew a swastika on his arm. The principal saw the Nazi symbol and reacted with righteous anger, making it clear that he hated the Nazis because they had killed his buddies during the war. After getting the infamous school soap and paper towels, he went to work on that Swastika. I think he would have scrubbed that arm to the bone to remove the symbol of evil; fortunately for Danny the ink yielded before his skin did. I must be clear that Danny was not a Nazi or even a white nationalist; he was just a kid doing something he thought was rebellious or cool without understanding the implications. That day had a lasting impression on me—whenever I see modern Nazis doing their thing, I still think of the anger of a man whose friends had been killed by the Nazis. He was, obviously, right to be angry and Nazis are not to be tolerated. But what about uninformed kids who display Nazi symbols or seem to do the Nazi salute? Perhaps the. . .

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