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The Elements and Patterns of Being: Essays in Metaphysics

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2018.12.11 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews D. C. Williams, The Elements and Patterns of Being: Essays in Metaphysics, A. R. J. Fischer (ed.), Oxford University Press, 2018, 239pp., $67.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780198810384. Reviewed by Anna-Sofia Maurin, University of Gothenburg Donald Cary Williams studied at Harvard, where he received his PhD in 1924. After a stint at UCLA (1930-1939), he went on to spend the majority of his pre-retirement work-life at his alma mater (1939-1967). In spite of the fact that most of his active career took place in an environment characterized by thoroughly anti-metaphysical, anti-realist sentiments, Williams persisted in promoting the sorts of theories popular before the age of ordinary language philosophy and logical positivism. He was a stern realist and a naturalist, convinced that we can know things about the (mind-independent) fundamental constituents of (spatiotemporal) reality. His preferred method was 'scientistic' in. . .

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