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There are two different types of Jane Austen fans

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There is a theory current among many of my fellow Janeites about what kind of a Jane Austen devotee one can be. Either, it is said, one unreservedly cleaves to the Austen of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, or one empathically embraces the Austen of Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility. One cannot love both, not equally, not without reservations about one or the other set of works, even if one likes and admires all of Austen’s writing.I nevertheless place myself squarely in the second camp. Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel. I have always found Anne Elliot Austen’s most endearing heroine, and Captain Wentworth by far the most attractive romantic interest (not a rich snob, not a parson, not annoyingly overburdened with a sense of his own rectitude). I delight in the novel’s subtle inclination toward utilitarianism and its depiction of the relationship between equals exemplified by Admiral and Mrs. Croft.I have to wonder, however, about the difference between the two aforementioned. . .

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