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The secrets of newspaper names

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A few years ago, two colleagues of mine traveled around the country documenting what was going on in the newspaper industry, talking to editors, reporters, and publishers in all 50 states. Reading their book, Practicing Journalism: The Power and Purpose of the Fourth Estate, I was struck by the great passion of journalists and their commitment to public service. But I also found myself entranced by the variety of newspaper names. What might names reveal? Most, if not all, newspaper names have some geographical component. From the Hartford Courant (the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country) to USA Today, names give us a clue about who newspapers serve and what they cover. Some newspapers even tout their local credentials in just a single word like the Oregonian, the Oklahoman, and the Chattanoogan, but many papers follow their geographical designation with a description of their contents. That description may be fairly generic, simply announcing it as “the news” or the. . .

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