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The Ethics of Deep-Sea Mining

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As available metals become scarcer, some are looking to deep-sea mining to feed the ever-hungry economies of the world. While terrestrial mining typically involves cutting into the earth, deep-see mining is more akin to vacuuming. The basic idea is that mining ships will deploy devices to scour the seabed for nodules of valuable metals, such as nickel, copper, manganese and cobalt. As would be expected, this new form of mining raises ethical concerns about its potential environmental impact. Since terrestrial mining has generally been incredibly destructive to the environment and has contributed greatly to political corruption, it is important to consider the potential harms of deep-sea mining before it becomes a significant reality. As with terrestrial mining, the harms must be weighed against the benefits, so the usual utilitarian approach will be taken. Embed from Getty. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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