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Metaphysics of Meat II: The Morality of Meat

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Put roughly, vegetarians are defined by their refusal to eat meat. Vegans take it further and refuse to eat any animal products. There are, as vegetarians and vegans will tell you, many varieties of each with some involving very subtle nuances about what is and is not acceptable to eat. While this oversimplifies things, people tend to embrace these views for two broad reasons. Moral vegans/vegetarians are motivated by ethical concerns—they believe that it is morally wrong to harm animals. Some take a broader view and include the sum of harms done by consuming animals, such as the environmental damage and wastefulness of animal farming. Health vegans/vegetarians are motivated by concerns about their physical well-being; they regard animal products as being unhealthy. It is obviously possible to have both (and other) motivations, but I will consider ethics in context of defining meat. From a moral standpoint, the concern about meat (and other products) is the harm done to the animals.. . .

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