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Peer-review: what works and what doesn't?

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Several months from now, I'm scheduled to take part in a discussion on our profession's peer-review practices: what works, what doesn't, and what might be improved. To prepare for the session, I'd like to run a new series here at the Cocoon soliciting readers' opinions on our peer-review practices and norms, and what (if anything) readers think might improve the process. In today's post, I'd like to ask readers to weigh in on two initial questions: What do you think currently works well in the peer-review process? What do you think the biggest problems are with the peer-review process? After hearing what readers think, my plan is to run a few informal polls, so as to gauge readers' overall satisfaction with the peer-review process, desire for change, and priorities if change is pursued. Then, after those polls, I hope to have a series of posts discussing some of specific issues in more detail, including more detailed debates about whether. . .

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