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While the United States is a republic, the current administration is a griftocracy—that is, the state is ruled by grifters and for grifters. While there are many varieties of con people and scammers, the hallmarks of the grifter are that they engage in schemes to gain the confidence of their victims and then defraud them. While there are many scammers, grifters can be regarded as being especially shoddy, unskilled and petty in their scams—or at least the term has that feel to it. That is, they lack the artistry of the true con artist and are mere fraudsters without the wicked brilliance of a master of deceit. Trump and most of his fellows are, obviously enough, grifters. They engage in fraud but are not particularly clever about it—their grifting is often easily recognized and they are often quite petty in their misdeeds. This is not to say they do not try for big scores—sometimes they do. To be fair, they really do not have to be very clever—the Republican party (which seems largely. . .

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