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Rethinking Race: The Case for Deflationary Realism

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2018.11.10 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Michael O. Hardimon, Rethinking Race: The Case for Deflationary Realism, Harvard University Press, 2017, 226pp., $39.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780674975668. Reviewed by Robin Zheng, Yale-NUS College Back in 2011, a petition was launched urging the Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR) to include Philosophy of Race as a specialty, in view of its being a "vibrant and important area of research" that "deserves full recognition [and] professional legitimacy." Seven years later, my latest search on PhilJobs turned up 22 faculty positions explicitly mentioning race in their preferred AOS or AOC, and, for what it's worth, Philosophy of Race is indeed a category of the PGR. There should be little question now of the vibrancy, importance, and legitimacy of philosophical debates over how to understand and deal with race. Michael Hardimon's new book is the latest and welcome addition to the social ontological fray.

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