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Doctored Video

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In my critical thinking class, I warn students that videos can easily be modified and weaponized as persuasive devices. While my past examples involved the usual conspiracy sites and oppressive states, the Trump administration has provided me with my first example of the White House making use of such a dishonest and deceitful tactic. During a press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta attempted to ask President Trump a question that Trump did not want to answer. In response, a White House employee was sent to take the microphone from Acosta. As she tried to take it from him, Acosta’s arm contacted her arm. The interaction was as awkward as one might expect—the woman probably expected Acosta to politely hand it over and Acosta probably didn’t expect her to try to grab it. The contact appears to be accidental on his part—he is gesturing as she reaches for the microphone. The matter would have been simply yet another awkward and surreal press conference at Trump’s White House were it not for. . .

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