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Making Communism Hermeneutical: Reading Vattimo and Zabala

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2018.11.07 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Silvia Mazzini and Owen Glyn-Williams (eds.), Making Communism Hermeneutical: Reading Vattimo and Zabala, Springer, 2017, 261pp., $119.99 (hbk), ISBN 9783319590196. Reviewed by Martin G. Weiss, University of Klagenfurt In response to the contribution of Silvia Mazzini, one of this book's editors, Vattimo and Zabala write: "The simple presence of the Soviet Union and communist parties were viewed not only as the possibility of another world, but also of a simple alternative which is missing in the West now" (p.126). Born in 1973, I still remember a double page of my West German history schoolbook containing a schematic comparison of the political systems of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. Although the book suggested that capitalist Germany was more democratic than its communist sibling (despite its disguising denomination), what also stayed in my mind was a different order. . .

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