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In our "Ask a search-committee member" thread, Recent PhD writes: I was wondering if any search committee members would be willing to share the kinds of questions one might encounter in an interview. In particular, are there any difficult questions that get asked that tend to throw off candidates? What should a candidate be especially prepared to talk about beyond their research, teaching, etc. This is a wonderful question. It would be great to hear of examples from search committee members. Here are a bunch that spring to mind to me... Why do you want to work here, at our university? How do you balance teaching, research, and service? What kind of colleague are you? How would you see yourself developing over the next five years? How would you see your research developing over the next five years? How would you teach course X (from the job ad)? What kinds of assessments would you use? What strategies do you have for helping students who aren't understanding the. . .

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