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Thank-you notes after interviews?

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In the comments section of our "Ask a search-committee member" thread, Anon writes, "Should candidates send follow of thank you notes after Skype interviews?" Ah, the perennial question! I'm curious to hear how other people who have served on search committees answer. But here are a few quick thoughts... While committee members might take mental notes of who sends thank-you notes and who doesn't, I sincerely doubt that sending or not sending a thank-you note will make any difference in a committee's deliberations. If the committee wants to invite you to campus, a lack of a thank-you note probably isn't going to change their mind; and conversely, if they don't want to invite you to campus, sending a note isn't going to change their minds. Still, it's a kind thing to do, so why not? What is much more important than thank-you notes, at least in my experience, is a candidate's general behavior in communication. For example, if a. . .

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