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'Nonideal Justice as Nonideal Fairness'

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After over 11 years of work on the project, I am happy to report that my article, 'Nonideal Justice as Nonideal Fairness', is now forthcoming in the Journal of the American Philosophical Association. The abstract: This article argues that diverse theorists have reasons to theorize about fairness in nonideal conditions, including theorists who reject fairness in ideal theory. It then develops a new all-purpose model of ‘nonideal fairness.’ §1 argues that fairness is central to nonideal theory across diverse ideological and methodological frameworks. §2 then argues that ‘nonideal fairness’ is best modeled by a nonideal original position adaptable to different nonideal conditions and background normative frameworks (including anti-Rawlsian ones). Finally, §3 argues that the parties to the model have grounds to seek a variety of remedial social, legal, cultural, and economic ‘nonideal primary goods’ for combating injustice, as well as grounds to distribute these goods in an. . .

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News source: The Philosophers' Cocoon

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