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Early Greek Philosophy, 9 Vols.

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2018.11.02 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews André Laks and Glenn W. Most (eds., trs.) Early Greek Philosophy, 9 Vols., Loeb Classical Library nos. 524-532, Harvard University Press, 2016, 4196pp., $234.00 ($26.00 each), ISBN ISBN 9780674996540, 9780674996892, 9780674996915, 9780674996922, 9780674997066, 9780674997073, 9780674997080, 9780674997097, 9780674997103. _____, Les débuts de la philosophie, Fayard, 2016, 1674pp., €70.00, ISBN 9782213637532. Reviewed by Jason G. Rheins, Loyola University Chicago After more than a decade of collaboration in arduous and painstaking labor, André Laks and Glenn W. Most [LM] have given us these 9 volumes [EGP] and their simultaneously produced, single-volume French edition [Débuts]. Before any other comment, criticism, or comparison is made, I think it is a reviewer's obligation -- though by no means an unpleasant one to meet -- to recognize what a significant achievement the work in question represents. It is an. . .

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