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Philosophy and Music Festival Coming to Hay-on-Wye (UK)

Our friends at IAI (The Institute of Art and Ideas) is sponsoring the world's largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn. The annual festival comes this year to Hay-on-Wye in May 2019 after a spectacular debut in London during September 2018. On the edge of the Black Mountains, alongside the River Wye, you'll find the world's leading thinkers debating cutting edge ideas and get to experience an inspiring programme of music, comedy, culture and performance. This year, they’ll be shaking things up a bit and growing their Riverside site, expanding even further along the banks of the charming river Wye. They’ll be back with all of the big ideas, show-stopping performances and late night parties you’ve come to expect. You’ll have more time to dance, think, and listen well into the night with everything just a stroll away.

Previous speakers have included Steven Pinker, Deborah Levy, Diane Abbott, Noam Chomsky and many more, with music from Rae Morris, Hot Chip, Ghostpoet and Ana Matronic.

Find more information as well as early-bird tickets at:

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