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Dead Celebrity Hologram Ethics I: Ownership

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Those who play D&D are familiar with the spell Animate Dead. It allows the caster to re-animate the corpse (or bones) of a dead creature and make it serve their will as an undead slave. This sort of necromancy is considered evil and is avoided by good creatures. While the entertainment industry has yet to recruit true necromancers, they have worked out a form of holographic Animate Dead—the celebrity hologram. With this light necromancy does not raise up the corpse of a dead celebrity, it re-creates their body and makes it dance, sing, and speak at the will of its masters. Tupac Shakur is probably the best known victim of this dark art of light (though it was not exactly a hologram) and he might soon be joined by Amy Winehouse. As might be imagined, these holograms can create strong emotional responses with some people seeing them as desecrating the memory of the dead. There are also spiderwebs of legality entangling the creation and use of such holograms. Fortunately, I can leave. . .

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News source: A Philosopher's Blog

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