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The Smetana Quartet play Prokofiev and Shostakovich

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A while ago, I wrote here regretting the fact that I no longer had — from among the old, bashed-up, vinyl that got moved from loft to loft and was eventually given to Oxfam — a wonderful Supraphon LP of the great Smetana Quartet playing Prokofiev’s First String Quartet and Shostakovich’s Third. I must have bought this as a student half a century ago and remembered it as a very striking and deeply engaging introduction to the chamber music of these composers. Well, I’ve just discovered that (although there seems to be nothing about this on Supraphon’s own website), the recording is available as a very inexpensive download from Amazon (maybe from others too though not, it seems, from iTunes). It really is as good as I remembered, and is warmly recommended — not just for reasons of nostalgia! The post The Smetana Quartet play Prokofiev and Shostakovich appeared first on Logic Matters.

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