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IFL2: the introductory chapters yet again

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I’ve been again tidying the first tranche of chapters of the second edition of my Introduction to Formal Logic. This time, in particular, I’ve removed some careless talk about ‘predicates’ which — as was rightly pointed out to me in a discussion of another post — just didn’t cohere with what I said more officially about predicates later. So here’s the latest version: IFL2, Chapters 1 to 7 For new readers, as I’ve said here before, the headline news is that these really are introductory chapters (general scene-setting before we start work in earnest on formal propositional logic).  So I introduce ideas like: validity, deduction vs induction, showing validity by ‘proofs’, showing invalidity by ‘counterexamples’. I also briefly discuss logical validity in a narrow sense vs deductive validity more generally. A quick look at the Table of Contents should give you a better idea of what these chapters are about. Hopefully, the. . .

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