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Plato and the Invention of Life

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2018.10.19 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Michael Naas, Plato and the Invention of Life, Fordham University Press, 2018, 255pp., $32.00 (pbk), ISBN 9780823279685. Reviewed by Jill Gordon, Colby College At the heart of Michael Naas's excellent book is a deep, careful, and enlightening reading of Plato's Statesman. In addition to its focused attention to this dialogue, however, the book deploys its interpretation of themes in the Statesman in order to open up the Platonic corpus and the core ideas we take to be Platonism in truly original and wide-ranging ways. The book's broader insights are about the notion of life evoked in Naas's title, and the path there is a long, complex one, well worth our time and attention. Naas provides a new way to think about the lines that divide Plato's well-known dichotomies, such as divine/human, soul/body, being/becoming, immortal/mortal, speech/writing, human/animal, and of course, life/death. Despite its. . .

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